Each of our Collaborative Action Networks commits their efforts for positive change. They start with a Challenge they have found in the community. Then they create a Strategy to address the issue. They take Action to make change. Below you will find information on each Network.

Ready for Kindergarten

"Every child is healthy and prepared for school"

Preparing children for academic success starts before they ever step foot in kindergarten. Experiences such as being read to and developing responsive relationships with others all contribute to the development of a child's brain, which is most active between birth and age three. Excelerate Success through our Ready for Kindergarten Network has a mission to increase opportunities to improve early learning (birth to 5) outcomes in Spokane County to ensure all children enter kindergarten prepared for school success.

Reading at Grade Level

"Every Student is Supported and Successful in School"

Reading at grade level by third grade sets a child up for learning success throughout their education. Excelerate Success is focused on third grade reading in Spokane County as a first step toward ensuring our children are supported and successful throughout their education. 

The Strategy

  • Increase opportunities for children to engage in extended learning and enrichment in out-of-school time and throughout the summer. 

Post-Secondary Transitions

"Every student has access to & is prepared for post-secondary education"

Educational attainment is no longer considered complete upon high school graduation. Increasing demand for a skilled workforce has amplified the need for a post-secondary degree or credential, thus it is our community's aspiration that every student has access to and is prepared for post-secondary education. 

The Strategy 

  • Improve the transition to college and decrease the number of students who intend to go on to some post-secondary and do not make it.
  • Create a career-minded community

Spokane T24 Circuit 

T-2-4 (Technical, 2-year, 4-year, Military) is our community's way of encouraging all students to pursue some form of education after they graduate high school. Education is not limited to college, but can take many forms and we want students to explore what is going to be the best fit for them.

Formal education is short compared to the lifelong learning we hope each student finds. When students attend the circuit, they have the opportunity to meet with individual institutions in meaningful ways that allow them to learn about all of the possibilities that exists in our community.  Not only that, students will learn about how to make college affordable and their access to resources to be the most successful.