We Believe

Excelerate Success believes all young people, regardless of income level race, or ethnicity deserve the chance to fully develop their potential.

At a time when our regional economy requires an increasingly skilled workforce, we want our new generation to be fully prepared. It is important to allign and empower the systems that serve and support Spokane County Families.


We are committed

...to a compelling vision of youth success that is ambitious, attainable, and inclusive.

...to a dependable communication system that promotes events and opoportunities, shares success stories, and continually invites new partners to the network.

...to a strong data capacity that collects and shares meaningful data.

...to a powerful community voice that promotes the efforts and success of the Network Partners, families, and youth touched by the Spokane County Cradle to Career Network.


Working Together

Excelerate Success builds partnerships across industries to ensure every child in Spokane is HEALTHY and prepared, supported and successful in school, has access to and is PREPARED for post-secondary education, and acquires a degree or credential and is career ready.

Sometimes, this involves working together to narrow the achievement gap between various groups of students. Other times, it requires being a champion for using data to make decisions and promoting methods of continuous quality improvement.

Partnerships across BUSINESS, health, non-profit, and education sectors are critical for finding strategies that work at achieving key community outcomes across the cradle to career continuum.