The Excelerate Success framework focuses on milestones on the educational continuum that are of proven importance for students’ academic success. Our goals are aspirational and our indicators are measurable, serving as predictors of future success. Since this effort is about changing odds, we need to know if children are on track at key milestones.

The indicators included in our current framework will change over time. The current indicators are a proposed set identified by the Excelerate Success teams as important measures of student success. They will evolve and change with community needs, changes in data and most importantly, as Excelerate Success itself evolves and matures.

Each section of the Excelerate Success framework focuses on a different stage of the educational continuum. This continuum acknowledges the need for children to successfully progress from each stage of education ready for the next. The indicators included in our framework seek to
outline the important steps necessary for students to be ready for the next academic level. We have raised-up both core and contributing indicators that will be tracked in order to measure student progress along the educational continuum. By regularly evaluating the data at these
key milestones, we can identify what is working and areas where modifications are needed
—the essence of continuous improvement.