Every child, cared for, confident and competent —  from cradle to career.


To eliminate the opportunity gap so that all young people develop to their potential regardless of  income level, race, ethnicity, or special needs.

Excellence and Opportunity

For the Spokane County community, excellence and opportunity embody the core aspirations we maintain for our youth as they develop to their full potential. These aspirations are the foundation of Excelerate Success - a partnership across the community with a shared vision and vested responsibility to our families, our neighborhoods and our future.

The vision of Excelerate Success is only possible through the belief that, collectively, the actions of many organizations, businesses and individuals will create and sustain the long-term change we want to see. This vision is of a thriving community where all children can be healthy and prepared, and every student has the opportunity to dream big and achieve success through post-secondary education. It is a robust workforce composed of home-grown talent that embodies the needs of our local economy for confident and competent workers. At the core, this is a vision of safe and supportive neighborhoods for us all.